We established our company in Kosovo because of the country’s culture and tradition, and its potential for producing some of the highest-quality organic saffron available.

Historically, saffron has been cultivated and exported throughout the world from this region since the 15th century.

The discovery of this ancestral culture and tradition, as well as the local population’s intimate knowledge of saffron cultivation, encouraged us to venture out into this agricultural sector.

With a perfect climate and fertile lands, Kosovo offers ideal conditions for growing saffron. It is for this reason that we named our company “Toka”, the Albanian word for arable land, in order to build upon that tradition and culture and create an attractive brand for a superior product.

Our Land

To ensure that the saffron is of the highest quality, the only step required was to establish the work procedures required by international standards. Now that this has been done, our company can proudly offer a selection of some of the best organic saffron filaments available.

We grow our flowers naturally, without any chemicals, and take tremendous care when harvesting the threads so that you can see, smell and taste our love and passion for the saffron we produce.